A quality CBT means a good start

At the time of writing this I am again getting lots of calls about Compulsory Basic Training as the name imply’s its compulsory you should not treat it as a short cut to getting on road.
If you are trained incorrectly it will not end well for you, if your instructor cuts corners you may scrape through the course but do you really want to scrap by when riding a motorcycle? so as far as offers from motorcycle training school you may want to assess what your school offers? how long is the training day, what type of bike will I ride, what if I struggle, what will the group size be, will I have to pay to come back? if you want to try a school that wants what is best for and from its students you could not get better than Celtic rider Training, I am a highly qualified instructor with 25 years teaching.

Motorcycling,not just for boys

Motorcycling,not just for boys

My reviews are from students who have trained with me and not made up, if I can’t fit you in then I will strive to put you in contact with a school who can help, like Paula at UMAT (United Motorcycle Training) Stefan at Cardiff Motorcycle school, or even 1st Class Rider Training. don’t be fooled by a cheap price it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

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